As a Guru

As a Guru at Swarswami Gurukul for the past few years, Pt. Sanjay Patki has mentored several excellent students, amongst whom many are well known performers today. Sri. Karan Kagle, who is finest performer and he said “He is not only one of the country’s finest performers, he is also one of the academy’s most sought-after and successful Gurus”

“I became a completely different person after my time with him,” Ms. Ashwini Koranne, says one of Patkiji’s first student.

“He taught me much more than the music. He taught me how to think and how to live a musician’s life.” 

“He is probably the best guru in Hindustani music today,

“He taught me first prepare yourself as artist and think about it that what you want to do to achieve some goals whatever you decided and then you have to decide the pattern of your practice and opening my eyes to new stages of opportunity and strength.” then

“He taught me how to mentor other people. I will forever be grateful for your guidance and kindness.”said by Anagha

“He showing me how to stand my ground and have the kind of career that I can be proud of. I count myself lucky for having had your mentorship.”said by Akshay

He is the only one who enlightened my path by removing the darkness of my ignorance.

Thank You!! For enriching my goal and widening my horizons. Without you, many aspects in my music would have been unexplored”Wherever I’m, whatever good exists in me is very much because of Pt. Sanjay Patki Sir.Said By Dr. Priya Mai

Pt. Sanjay Patki recognizes each student’s strengths and exploit it in his own ways. He’s very shrewd in estimating each student’s level. He begins the lessons on how to fill an avartan, then how to make it aesthetic, and further how to make it expressive. Even though he is a traditionalist, he would tell us not to get bogged down in grammar and gharanas, to absorb as many influences as possible. He tells everything in concise, precise and extremely analytical manner. In these senses, he’s also a very modernist.”

He teaches all students to stick to swaras, managing Hankar Practice and teaches various areas of voice modulation practices to be used in vocal classical singing, light music and many other singing styles.