• Ustad Mubaraq Ali Khan Saheb

Ustad Mubarak ali

khan saheb  (1940 -1992) was the only son of Nanhe khan. He was an outstanding vocalist of rare distinction. Born in Delhi. Mubarak Ali  had the proud privilege of receiving extensive training from stalwarts like Ustad Vilayat Hussain Khan. Apart from his gurus, he was influenced by uatad Amir Khan as well, and assimilating the best of  Agra Gharanas of Khayal singing. Ustad Mubark ali Khan developed a style of his own. He was known for his exquisite ‘Bandishes’. He had a rich collection of uncommon Ragas and rare compositions. He was also a well known name as a composer.

  • L.K.Pandit

Pt. Laxman Krishnarao Pandit represents the Gwalior gharana (school) of  Hindustan classical music – the oldest tradition and the fountainhead of all subsequent gharanas. Born on 5 March 1934 into a family of musicians, Pt. L. K. Pandit is the fifth in an unbroken lineage of legendary musicians. His grandfather, Pt. Shankarrao Pandit, was a direct disciple of the founders of the Gwalior Gharana – Ustad Haddu, Nathu and Nissar Hussain Khan. His father Padma Bhushan Pt. Krishnarao Shankar Pandit trained Panditji since early childhood in khayal, tappa, tarana, ashtapadi and thumri.

The accuracy of his notes is legendary, and his Khayal style unparalleled. He follows the Gwalior Gharana formate faithfully, and develops raagas in Ashtaang gayaki – a systematic eight-fold elaboration of the raga, which are alap-behlawa, bol-alap, taan, bol-taans, layakari, gamak, meend-soot, and murki-khatka-jamjama, with its varieties. He combines his sound knowledge of raagas with expert handling of rhythm, which makes climaxing at the ‘sam‘ a unique experience each time.